How to Decide which New Second Language to Learn?

Communication is an important part of our lives. We should be able to communicate with each other without any hesitation. In this, language plays a major role. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we turn into a universal translator who can understand each and every language and can communicate with everybody in the world? But unfortunately, this cannot happen.

Most of us are aware of the advantages of foreign language study. If you are confused with which new second language to learn?  What second language is best for you? Simon Simon London comes up with the solution and helps you in choosing the new second language. Obviously, this is the hard decision to take, but if you have made your mind to learn a new language then here are some of the ways to decide which new second language to learn.

  1. Make a list of places you’d like to go: The first and foremost thing to know while deciding to learn a new language is that where your interest lies. The place you like visiting plays an important role in it because ultimately you would learn the language of that place which you want to visit.

2.Know your options:Before it’s too late to go, know your options and your second language wisely. Check if your college offers a language course, or either you can choose an online language course. Simon Simon London provides you with online language courses. For some of the students, learning an online course is rather difficult than a classroom course. Opt for the way in which you are comfortable.

  1. Difficulty level: Some people are naturally good at adapting new things, so as they are good at mastering a language. If you really enjoy challenging yourself and trying new things then learning a new second would be a great experience.
  2. Decide your motive: If you are not motivated to learn a new language and you are not interested in it, then it will act as a burden to you. When you don’t enjoy what you are doing then your brain ultimately finds a way to avoid that. Ask yourself that, what are your goals for learning a new second language? If it is just for fulfilling an education requirement or you are planning to move abroad for further studies or work. Motivating yourself and knowing what you want to do for which purpose is the first step of success.
  3. Build off your foundation: We cannot directly jump into a totally different language, so it’s important to choose the language that we are somewhat familiar with. French and Spanish can be a better option if one has English as a first language. If you have ever studied any language in your middle school or high school then you can go for that language as well because you already have your foundation built in it.


There are many languages which one can learn like French, Spanish, German, Italian, Latin and many more. Visit Simon Simon London to know about the language courses and clear your doubts.