A fully cloud office experience with Office 365

office 365 singapore

When you say cloud service, people would instantly point you at their phone and give you the software that they are using, depending on the brand of course.

But what if all your office work necessities can be put in the cloud, your emails, your office suite, your video calling options and other things that you will need. Storing all the data that you have like Microsoft word and spreadsheets will be put in the cloud instead of saving it in your computer.

Office 365

This is how Office 365 works, by utilizing all your necessities/ office work in the cloud; it will give more flexibility to the user no matter what laptop, no matter where and no matter when.

Let’s say you are a person that travels often and you always bring your laptop with you, now let’s say you had an accident and your laptop dropped, it got soaked in the rain or even stolen and your important report is already tomorrow and it’s a do or die because your job is at risk.

We all know how fragile our laptops are and if something will happen to it all those files that you store will be gone or you need an emergency trip to an IT guy to help recover those files and buy a new laptop right away.

If you have Office 365

If you have office 365, even if your laptop gets damaged or stolen the only thing that you will be bummed about is how expensive that laptop was and that’ it! Because you know you have a spare old laptop at home or you can borrow your friend’s for a while. You are not worried because everything is in the cloud.

When you open office 365 you know it’s there as long as you have access to the internet. It’s a life saver and the sooner that you get this service, the sooner you can sleep soundly at night knowing that your files are saved and even if you find your laptop one morning being chewed by your dog, you won’t get mad (at least not too much). Office 365 Singapore is a perfect application for the working class; it’s not just great but also perfect. Contact AsiaCloud for more info and a trial.