What Is Office Automation And Its Benefits?

Image how that time would be when office work was managed manually. All the records were maintained in the papers and files. We all would have the same perception of that, it would be a difficult task, time consuming and full of errors.

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We don’t know how correct our perception is, but if we compare todays office working environment with that one then thing will be pretty clearer. Today the work is done on computer, files are maintained on computer. Backup of all data is kept on computer. There is not requirement of paper work. The things seem more clean and convenient now.

This is the biggest advantage of office automation. Now, coming to the point, what does automation of office means? The word automation means automatic, no manual work is required. Thus, the automation means, making the office digitally operated i.e. with the help of the computer, its accessories and software.

Different advantages of office solutions in Singapore

  • Increase work speed

Computer brought the revolution in day to day work. Offices equipped with computers are a real example of that. The work which used to take weeks to get finish now can be completed within no time. The records can be securely placed on the computer and it can be accessed by anyone in office at any time. And in that no manual help is required.

  • Less manpower

By integrating different automated solutions within the office, an organization can cut down on manpower strength. Requirement of helping staff reduces to big extent. Because of less work, the staff becomes multi-tasking.


In addition to these many other advantages of automation present. The world of automation comes up with new technologies every day. And one of the biggest IT services providers in Singapore is FUJI XEROX. They have some of the wonderful products that can be used in any office size.